What is about Bestiality on NastyJoy?

Due to the reason that the laws are different in various countries and states and our community is hosted and registered in a country which doesn't allow that topic so do not post images, comments, or any other content about this topic on NastyJoy.

We don't care if members choose names that contain terms like K9, Animal lover, or similar. It is simply their name and we don't police that in any way. However, this fetish can only be discussed off site or in private chat and messages.

We know that the topic has a large fan base and it is always nice to come to a website and find people in the same stuff as you. We do not condemn and encourage you to look at profile pictures and names to find others on them, but note it is illegal in many countries ans states and animal rights people scrutinize sites more often than they should do.

That's why you should discuss that topic only off site in private chat and messages, but not here.